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Client Portal

We firmly believe that the ITM Client Portal provides an opportunity to greatly improve the procurement of network infrastructure.

Managing supplier quotations can be time consuming. Quotation version control, reporting and service level management can negatively impact on your working day.

ITM’s easy to use and intuitive Client Portal provides 24/7/365 access to a pre-agreed catalogue of goods and services. The portal has been designed to greatly reduce the amount of time and effort spent on quotation requests and ensures immediate access to goods and services to reduce the impact on delivery timescales for small works. Our portal allows the client to quickly generate quotations for scenario or budget planning, drawdown against open purchase orders and for submission to purchasing teams. Quick access to service dashboards and real-time reporting for spend and  SLA management gives the user complete transparency, flexibility and control.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quickly create quotations from a pre-agreed catalogue of your commonly used goods and services.
  • Simply timestamp when the quote was created, set the delivery address from a pre-populated list of your sites, or add in a new one on the fly.
  • Easily add new and additional products and services to your catalogue.
  • Products are easily searchable by type and manufacturer, saving you time on administration.
  • Effortlessly export the quotation to PDF or email a link for viewing online.  You can also associate other documents and files with your quotation e.g. schematics, site instructions etc.
  • Securely log in and manage multiple users.

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