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ISO re-certification.

Posted 2 years ago

We have successfully re-certified our Integrated Management System, this is something that we are very proud of. Great work from the ITM Compliance Team!

The NQA Auditor commented:

"During this assessment, the system was seen to be effectively documented and extremely well organized.

Excellent levels of communication were seen within the company, both internally and externally.

Over the registration cycle there have been no customer complaints forwarded to NQA, no issues investigated by the EA or the HSE and no RIDDORs or prohibition notices raised.

The system has remained under excellent control with no trends or issues remaining unresolved.

Management commitment has remained at a high level throughout the company registration cycle

Communications have always been clear and concise.

Records retention , retrieval and document Management has remined strong with no findings issued.

Documentation presented for assessment is always accurate, well designed and concise.

All employees interviewed over the certification cycle have demonstrated their ownership and commitment to the continual improvement of processes at ITM communications.

Based on a high level of conformity seen throughout the NQA visit cycle over the last 3 years, continuation of certification is recommended."