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Site Services

ITM provides a wide range of site services delivered on customer sites throughout the UK using experienced, directly employed and security cleared engineers. Supported by our Service Desk and PMO functions, we tailor service delivery to meet individual customer requirements on a fully managed, outsourced or ad-hoc basis.

ITM's services include

Campus Fibre and Duct Management

Campus environments often have complex fibre networks running across them and are routed through various tunnels, main ducts, micro ducts, risers - providing critical connectivity to the various tenants and users. These environments can become congested and difficult to manage, especially where several telcos and network operators are competing to use the same physical capacity in the duct or riser. ITM has specialist knowledge in this area gained through managing the ducted infrastructure at some of the largest campuses in the UK. In addition to ad-hoc maintenance and installation services, we can provide specialist engineers that work alongside your IT teams to provide a complete capacity management service. Using advanced graphical databases, we maintain accurate information on network ownership, location and capacity to ensure that telcos and network operators are using the infrastructure in a controlled manner.

Our Capabilities

ITM has capabilities in five key areas of IT Infrastructure and Services