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Converged Solutions

ITM provides a wide range of solutions from leading internet protocol (iP) convergence vendors. Our capabilities encompass design, supply, installation, project management, integration and support. We are multi-vendor accredited and compliant with the latest technical standards and industry best practice guidelines.

ITM's technology solutions include

Energy Monitoring

ITM builds out of band monitoring networks to allow accurate measurement of the energy usage of IT and facilities equipment. Once data has been collected, industry standard metrics such as power usage effectiveness (PUE) and data center infrastructure efficiency (DCiE) can be calculated and displayed on a ‘Carbon Dashboard’ in real time. Energy can be monitored right down to outlet level - allowing the true cost of each device to be fully understood. ITM measures power consumption in kWh not just current (Amps), allowing costs to be accurately allocated to each device.

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ITM has capabilities in five key areas of IT Infrastructure and Services