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ITM's Cloud Connectivity Assurance Service is now available on the G-Cloud 10 framework.



As a leading independent provider of specialist ICT infrastructure solutions and services, ITM is delighted to be accepted to G-Cloud 10, part of HM Governmnet Digital Marketplace. Our Cloud Connectivity Assurance Service is available under service ID 918414888645368.


ITM’s Cloud Connectivity Assurance Service comprises a suite of services that can be accessed through a self-service portal and sourced singularly or combined to provide a complete solution. The service has, previously, been successfully used by several large Government departments via the G-Cloud 7 and G-Cloud 9 frameworks. Cloud applications require high-performance, robust and resilient physical layer network infrastructure to ensure that Cloud applications provide very high levels of availability and perform as expected.

The service provides physical layer network infrastructure that is optimised for the Cloud, typically to support:

  • New Cloud ready digital infrastructure.
  • Transitioning / migrating from legacy infrastructure to the Cloud.

Cloud networks within Customer: Data Centres, Equipment Rooms, Campus and Office Spaces are encompassed in the service. All of the services provided are Cloud agnostic and can be applied to any Cloud service or project.

The service suite is grouped into three areas:

  • Planning Services.
  • Migration Services.
  • Support Services.

Taken from the above groups, our scope would typically comprise some or all of the following; Audit of Physical Layer Network Infrastructure, Design of Physical Layer Network Infrastructure, New Installations, Setup and Migration, Smart Hands, Specialist Connectivity Services, Moves Adds and Changes (MAC), Self-Service Client Portal Services and Ancillary Services.


Learn more about the Government’s G-Cloud framework and the Digital Marketplace by clicking here.

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